Welcome to No Plastic Bathroom!

I am delighted you have found this site I am hoping that if you are someone who hasn’t thought about it then you may commit to reducing your plastic waste in the bathroom.

If you are already committed and well on your way to a plastic free bathroom then I hope you can share tips, tricks and product suggestions that can help us all cut down on the amount of plastic in the bathroom.

Obviously there is a need to reduce plastic use throughout the house and of course the other big area is the kitchen, however that mission presents a more complex set of needs that I don’t think can be addressed without working alongside people in their own geographical areas. So the kitchen and food plastic reduction is not what I’ll be discussing on this site. Having said that I do know of some whole house cleaning products that will make your bathroom and kitchen gleam!

What else do I get up to?

At the moment I work in an office with some other ladies in the security industry, over the last 6 months I have found my colleagues and I share tips and products that we are using to cut down on plastic waste. These conversations have increased and often are bathroom related. This interest has increased to the point that I thought I’d develop a whole site dedicated to just that discussion.

When I’m not eliminating plastic from my bathroom shopping trolley I work in the security industry and I play computer games with my teenage daughter.

It’s hard to make a plastic free bathroom.

It really isn’t easy to go plastic free in the bathroom. If you go to any supermarket to get your mouthwash, washing, shaving or hair styling products then you are looking at an overwhelming array of products with the majority made of or wrapped in plastic.

Then you need to clean your bathroom, so you head to the cleaning section at your supermarket and you are overwhelmed with thousands of varieties of cleaning solutions all packaged in plastic.

Finding some good product alternatives is going to take a bit of research and I’m hoping that is where I can save you a bit of legwork with researching the market for plastic free items for your bathroom.

A favour to ask.

There is just one more thing to do before you throw out your last plastic containers for your regular or old products. As you switch them out for your new plastic free ones please make a note of the customer contact info on the item and let the company know that you won’t be buying their product anymore and why. Give companies the information they need to stop producing items in plastic.

  • Let them know you aren’t a happy customer anymore.
  • Don’t let them have to work it out from their sales data.

They may even get back to you with what their intentions are to improve reduction of plastic waste on bathroom products or put address the need in their business. And that would be fantastic!

All the best,

Kay Patterson