How To Give Up PlasticThis book is born from Will McCallum’s experience as Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK. He teaches how to Give up Plastic.  He sets the scene by describing the initial findings of plastic in the ocean in the most remote parts and discusses some history of plastic pollution. The main kick of this book is to help the reader create a plan to give up a plastic habit.

Greenpeace has been at the heart of highlighting the issue of plastic pollution from the very start. They have been analysing ocean water and conferring with governments.  Here is a video of Will McCallum presenting on Oceans of Plastic at a small gathering.

Oceans of Plastic from Empathy Media on Vimeo.

The authority of this author on plastic pollution is indisputable but can he communicate with us in a practical way how to give up our plastic.

My Book Review

Title: How to Give Up Plastic

SubtitleSimple steps to living consciously on our blue planet
Author: Will McCallum

No of Pages: 240

What I liked about this book

I’m quite sure Will McCallum has seen some horrendous things in his time working as Head of Oceans with Greenpeace. He will also have access to mindblowing stats that could bring us to our knees with shame, self-loathing and despair. However, that is not the main focus at all in this book and instead, he sets up a very practical methodology to start giving up plastic. I liked this optimistic stance it was very encouraging. A good hands-on approach to giving up plastic.

I discovered in this book, much to my delight that the chapters are set up in just the way I think! I believe I am actually a little bit smug about it as well. I bought and read this book after starting this site and was very encouraged to find that Will McCallum broke down the target areas to deal with into rooms just like I have here. As you can see this whole site is about removing plastic from the bathroom. In this book, he guides you through every room pointing out where the high plastic content could be and offering alternatives.

As I said before this is a book to encourage and motivate. I liked the inspirational sentences throughout the book I could see those being jotted down and popped as notes inside cupboards and even in my purse to keep me motivated at the point where I may be having a 4Rs dilemma when I’m shopping.

I liked the interviews with specialists.

I liked that the book gave you good tools to use to address not only how you think of the plastic items you can switch out but also how to approach campaigns for change. How to Give up Plastic also encourages you to become an ambassador for a plastic-free life and plants the seed to becoming an activist.

How To Give Up Plastic - Pin on your pinterest board
How To Give Up Plastic – Pin on your Pinterest board

What I disliked about this book

For me, as an avid reader of fiction, it felt like a really short book but I think I am going to have to adjust my mindset as this is a book designed to make you read it and then far more importantly go and take action. I’m normally being entertained rather than enthused.

I am a bit nerdy and I think I was wanting to learn more about plastic in a scientific way but that is not what is needed to give up the plastic. That would have served to satisfy my curiosity but not to fulfil the promise of the book title. So my weakness there and not the book.

My Review Round-Up for – How to Give up Plastic

If you are getting a niggling feeling about plastic pollution then this is a great place to start. It does not bombard you with guilt but proposes and encourages action in an altogether optimistic framework. A motivational book for anyone at the start of their mission to reduce plastic in their everyday lives.


This book certainly does what it says in the title, it tells you How to Give up Plastic. It’s a good book if you at the start of your journey relieving yourself of the plastic habit and it thoroughly encourages you that it is possible, beneficial and something to encourage others to do too.

I haven’t read any other books to directly compare yet but I will be and as I do I will compare them and update this post.