A great resource for information to encourage us to act towards eliminating plastic waste is PlasticOceans UK. They have developed some infographics with hard to swallow data that are good points to return to when you find it easy to pick up plastic items. This infographic Plastic and Whales could remind us to take action on our plastic usage.

  • Over half of the whale species are known to ingest plastic.
  • 27 species of whales are known to harm themselves from getting tangled in plastic
  • Fin Whales that live in the Mediterranean sea may swallow 3700 pieces of plastic per day.
  • 83% of North Atlantic Right Whales – (An endangered whale) show signs of entanglement.
  • Micro-plastics have been found in the guts of humpback whales

Plastic and whales

    Plastic and Whales