The website Plastic Oceans UK is a great source of information regarding the damage of plastics in the ocean. This infographic illustrates key points in regard to the effect of plastics on seabirds.  These facts keep us motivated when we come to the challenge of making choices of household products.

Some of the information portrayed in this infographic they have designed includes:-

  • By 2050 99% of seabird species could have ingested plastic.
  • 15% of a seabird chick body-weight could be made up of plastic.
  • 100% of seabirds in some regions can have plastic in their stomachs.
  • 450 pieces of plastic were found in one individual chick.
  • Seabird nests contain or may be entirely built from plastic.
  • Increased rate of death by consuming a single piece of plastic.
Plastic and Seabirds
Plastic and Seabirds