When investigating the damage that plastics can have on turtles then  PlasticOceans.uk  is a great resource. This infographic Plastic and Turtles summarises some hard-hitting data. Here are some of the points it makes.

  • There are seven species of turtle and all of them are known to ingest plastic.
  • All seven species of turtles have shown signs of entanglement in plastic.
  • Hatchlings can get entangled in plastic on the way from the beach to ocean meaning they don’t even get a chance.
  • Turtles can hurt themselves really badly when entangling in plastic and amputations can be a result.
  • It can take 6 months for a piece of plastic sheet sized 10 x 10 cm to work through the digestive system of a turtle.
  • Ingesting a single piece of plastic will increase a turtles chance of death by 22%.


Plastic and Turtles
Plastic and Turtles